*November 2020 Update*

Well after a couple years in my new location I am happy to say my little business is thriving in spite of all the craziness! Thank you so much to all of my clients who have hung in there with me :) 

If you are new to me please know I am willing to take new clients, but I'm pretty busy, it might take a few weeks to get in. I'll do my best!  If you would prefer you can contact Wynter Ostlund at 360-869-6398.  She is sharing my room with me.  

If you are an existing client of mine I look forward to continuing to serve you :)

If you were a client of Danica, Karen, Sam or Sara please see the Where to find us! page. Everyone's contact information should be updated there for you.

Thank you so much for visiting, and I look forward to seeing you!!!

~Katy at Selah

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